Tiger Pistol Announces Executive Leadership Additions, Digital Innovator Paul Elliott Named CEO

Talent additions and organizational restructure support Tiger Pistol’s rapid growth and reflect significant investments in product development, client service, and business operations.

Tiger Pistol, Inc., the only social advertising platform that delivers local activation at global scale, recently announced a series of strategic leadership moves that align the talent and experience required to guide the next phases of aggressive growth and innovation.

Paul Elliott joins Tiger Pistol as Chief Executive Officer, following the strategic investment by Next Sparc, a Cleveland, Ohio-based private investment firm. Elliott replaces Tiger Pistol co-founder Steve Hibberd, who will continue on the board of advisors in an active role supporting Elliott and the leadership team.

Previously, as President of BrandMuscle, a national-to-local software and services company, Elliott was responsible for innovating, enhancing, and delivering the future of BrandMuscle’s integrated marketing platform. He has also held senior leadership positions in several large digital agencies, and successfully built and sold his search engine marketing agency, which ultimately became part of Razorfish. Prior to starting his agency, Elliott served as the Director of Digital Marketing for the specialty retailer, Things Remembered, and began his career as a business process consultant with IBM.

“Before joining Tiger Pistol, I had the phenomenal opportunity to experience the business through the lens of a customer,” said Elliott. “In my prior role, we engaged Tiger Pistol to help us solve a real challenge that was impacting our ability to profitably grow and scale our social advertising offering. Through our partnership with Tiger Pistol, we completely eliminated the obstacles that were inhibiting our growth in this channel. As I learned and experienced more from Tiger Pistol, I saw an innovative, entrepreneurial, smart, and scrappy team and culture that I realized I had to be part of. With additional support and investment, I knew this company could be an even more valuable partner to Facebook and our clients, unlocking the value and efficiency of social advertising at scale for global brands, resellers, and agencies.”

“Paul is one of the brightest minds in digital advertising, and I’m fortunate to have worked with him in different capacities for nearly 20 years.” said Leonard Pagon, Chairman and CEO, Next Sparc, Inc. “I was actively looking for the chance to work together again, and the Tiger Pistol opportunity, product offering, and situation is the perfect fit for Paul’s unique experience and entrepreneurial leadership.”

In addition, Reid Sheppard joins Tiger Pistol as Senior Vice President, Engineering. Sheppard has nearly two decades of experience leading teams in developing and implementing complex technology solutions and systems. Prior to Tiger Pistol, Sheppard served as Vice President, Technology at Robots and Pencils, a global digital innovation firm; Senior Technology Manager at OverDrive, Inc, where he was responsible for the delivery and support of mobile applications for virtual libraries; and Senior Application Development Manager at Progressive Insurance, where he was responsible for large-scale project delivery, complex system architecture, and internal capability advancement. Reid’s skills include agile methodologies, test automation, Android development, and the software development life cycle.

Since acquiring the business in Q1 2019, investment in talent has been a key theme. To complement its outstanding existing team members, Tiger Pistol has added nearly twenty-five key resources to the business, including additional depth in engineering, quality assurance, client management and support, data and analytics, product management, finance, marketing, and talent management.

To further optimize the business, and enhance overall client delivery excellence and ongoing support, veteran Tiger Pistol team members Talia Wachtel and Casey Zaffin have been promoted to VP, Client Management – Brands and VP, Client Management – Resellers, respectively. Wachtel, who holds extensive experience working with national and global brands to generate meaningful business results from social advertising, will oversee the company’s client management and marketing services teams for Tiger Pistol’s enterprise brand clients. Zaffin, who holds more than a decade of experience in digital marketing automation, will oversee the company’s client management and marketing services teams for SMB reseller and agency clients.

To learn more about how Tiger Pistol, the world’s #1 social advertising automation platform for local, unlocks local activation at global scale for brands, resellers, and agencies request a demo today.

Shrimp and Social Advertising: The Unlikely Connection

“What’s with the shrimp?” A fair question. I mean, what could shrimp possibly have to do with local social advertising at global scale? Metaphorically speaking–absolutely everything.

The Tiger Pistol shrimp, just 5 cm full grown, possesses a powerful advantage. By snapping its one extra large claw, it creates an underwater shockwave, complete with a sonic boom and ripple effect so strong it emits light and reaches a temperature comparable to the face of the sun, stunning the Tiger Pistol’s prey for easy capture.

Just as simply (and effectively!), Tiger Pistol enables brands, resellers, and agencies to send shockwaves in their markets-spreading their reach, driving leads, and foot traffic to their locations. We know it’s hard to navigate social advertising at scale, Tiger Pistol makes it as easy as a simple snap of a claw.

Tiger Pistol Named Digiday Tech Award Finalist

Tiger Pistol Inc., the only social advertising platform that delivers local activation at global scale, today announced that it has been named a finalist in the Digiday Technology Awards.

Tiger Pistol’s Social Advertising Automation Platform, purpose-built to overcome the challenges of locally-activating social advertising campaigns at scale, was selected as a finalist in the Best Social Media Tools/Platform category. The nomination was based on the remarkable results achieved for a global Fortune 500 consumer product client. Among other benefits, the client’s use of the platform to drive traffic to thousands of locations worldwide resulted in a 37 percent decrease in cost per thousand impressions (CPM) in comparison to the brand’s national advertising efforts, plus a +50 Net Promoter Score among locations that participated in the program.

“We are honored that Digiday has named Tiger Pistol among the best social media platforms in the market,” said Paul Elliott, Tiger Pistol CEO. “Time and again we see the meaningful impact of our platform in reducing advertising costs, while improving campaign effectiveness. The scalability and efficiency provided by our platform is a game-changing competitive advantage for even some of the largest brands in the world.”

Tiger Pistol’s platform creates, deploys, manages, and optimizes high-performing social ads at unprecedented scale, with more than 800,000 Facebook and Instagram campaigns published to date. Tiger Pistol’s first-of-its-kind technology delivers meaningful and measurable business impact for brands, resellers, and agencies alike, helping to unlock value and efficiency through innovation-led social advertising automation.

The Digiday Technology Awards recognize the technology modernizing media and marketing, bringing efficiency and effectiveness to brands and agencies worldwide.

Winners will be announced at the Digiday Winter Awards Gala in November.

To learn more about how Tiger Pistol, the world’s #1 social advertising automation platform for local, unlocks local activation at global scale for brands, resellers, and agencies, contact us today!

Tiger Pistol’s Platform Business Acquired by Cleveland-based Next Sparc to Accelerate and Enhance Company Growth Trajectory

Tiger Pistol, the world’s #1 social advertising automation platform for local, headquartered in Austin, TX, was recently acquired by Next Sparc, a Cleveland-based private investment firm with significant experience and success with investments and strategic partnerships in the digital space. The company’s Australian operations will continue business as usual.

For nearly a decade, Tiger Pistol has been obsessively focused on building the world’s most effective social advertising platform for global brands, resellers, and agencies who realize the power of local activation at scale. As a preferred Facebook Marketing Partner and the largest third-party publisher of social advertising for local, Tiger Pistol creates, deploys, manages, and optimizes high-performance Facebook and Instagram ads at unprecedented scale, with more than 650,000 Facebook and Instagram campaigns published to date. Tiger Pistol’s first-of-its-kind technology delivers meaningful and measurable business impact for brands, resellers, and agencies alike, helping to unlock value and efficiency through innovation-led social advertising automation.

“The opportunity to deliver real business results via Facebook and broader digital media channels at the Local level is enormous, yet still in its infancy. We are supremely confident that with the experience and resources of Next Sparc behind the business, Tiger Pistol’s leadership position will be strengthened and the company will have the opportunity to realize its full potential.” said Steve Hibberd, Tiger Pistol co-founder.

“Tiger Pistol offers an attractive specialization with its local social advertising platform, and demand is skyrocketing due to the continual rise of social media and consumer screen time.” said Next Sparc Partner, Nathan Carmon. “Tiger Pistol’s partnership with Next Sparc offers the financial resources and additional expert abilities to shepherd in the next stage of company growth.”

“Social advertising is the fastest growing segment of digital ad spend, projected to grow at a greater than 30% compound annual growth rate to $242.7B by 2023,” said Len Pagon, CEO of Next Sparc. “With Facebook controlling more than 80% of the global market share of social media advertising spend, Tiger Pistol’s social advertising automation platform is uniquely positioned to take advantage of growth within the Facebook ecosystem (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Marketplace).”

Tiger Pistol’s social advertising automation platform is the dominant solution for multi-location marketers. The company’s customers span multiple industries, including real estate, financial services and insurance, consumer products, retail, restaurant and food service, and value-added resellers.

Cox Media Group earns Facebook Partner Badge


We’re excited to hear that our friends at Cox Media Group have earned themselves a Facebook Marketing Partner’s Small Business Solution badge! We’re doubly excited that they were able to leverage our scalable ad technology to help them continue to achieve their long-standing history of successful social media campaign management.

If you weren’t already aware, being awarded the badge is no easy walk in the park. Cox Media Group had to meet and exceed Facebook’s high standards for capability and performance. So here’s a big congrats from us to the team over at Cox Media Group!

Facebook’s Democracy: “Safe & Civil” Advertising in a Sea of Policy Change

NB: Tiger Pistol does not condone nor promote the utilization of targeting for discriminatory purposes.

Facebook policies exist to keep advertising “safe and civil”, driving the social network’s mission of connecting the world via a positive user experience. But when Facebook continues to make swift, reactive changes based on public outcry, it’s hard to stay in the know of what their policy actually stands for, and what it means for advertisers.


Should we be a little frightened?

On a macro level, one could view Facebook as a governing body. Patrolling the millions of active users in the U.S. is a feat in itself; when things go awry, a new policy is encoded and we’re back to being ‘protected’. When Facebook gets slapped with a complaint, a lawsuit, or even brought to court in front of the Senate, they quickly create a new policy or update an existing one, sometimes making it more difficult to advertise. And a trigger-happy Facebook is a little frightening – similar to Trump, Facebook’s reactions and policy changes have been swift, reactive, and garnered the same negative media coverage. Trump gets enough airtime elsewhere, so let’s get back to why we’re here…


What changes were made?

The policy changes started to pick up speed after the October 2016 ProPublica report, essentially broadcasting that Facebook enables advertisers to publish campaigns with exclusionary racial targeting parameters, specifically with regards to employment, housing and credit. While Facebook didn’t fully admit wrongdoing in 2016, it firmly stated Facebook would first “automatically disable the use of ethnic affinity marketing for certain types of ads” and carefully scrutinize all ads using “ethnic targeting”. A year later, after second ProPublica reportwent public, Facebook directly responded to an obvious violation of both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Fair Housing Act of 1968, and rolled out the Non-Discrimination Policy, more fondlyknown as the “Employment, Housing and Credit Opportunities” compliance error.

To be clear, advertisers have always utilized racially-biased inclusionary and exclusionary targeting, that’s nothing new – even Facebook’s Head of Multicultural tried to make a case. But this wasn’t right because it was Facebook, and users weren’t happy. All of a sudden, Facebook Ads were not “safe and civil.”

The policy has had a few iterations, with the most recent change appearing quite abruptly in August this year. Facebook decided to remove “over 5,000 targeting options to help prevent misuse.” Again, keeping their advertising “safe and civil” by promoting a positive advertising atmosphere. I guess that’s what happens when HUD files a complaint against you.


How do the changes play out for advertisers?

In their April 2018 statement, Facebook specifically states, “a business’s success depends on finding the right customers.” How is an advertiser to be successful if they can’t find or target their potential or existing customers because of a policy that now prohibits them to do so?

Hopefully our example below provides some helpful insight into how the policy changes may impact your advertising, and what you can do to still drive meaningful results from Facebook.

  • You’re a Latina realtor searching for potential new clients and want to launch a campaign in Spanish to speak to directly to your target audience. Your selected audience is to target Spanish and potentially English-speaking Latinos in your area (parameter: Hispanics – US (All)) and you’re all set. Campaign: published.
  • Bad news: your campaign will be immediately disapproved. Under the Non-Discrimination Policy, your vertical falls under “Housing” and is not acceptable under the new rules.
  • Good Decent news: You can still target by Spanish-language, albeit narrowing your audience and decreasing your potential reach, but still allowing you to publish your ad and be seen by some, not all, of your target audience.

While the changes are certainly designed to protect users against discrimination, has Facebook actually done a disservice to businesses that rely on cultural affinity targeting to get in front of prospects? Thankfully, Tiger Pistol is here for our customers and can navigate those tricky waters. Our team is dedicated to learning, adapting and strategizing our client campaigns following every new policy change. We’re here to help!


Analissa Moreno is the resident bilingual Social Specialist for the Managed Services team in Austin, TX. She fulfills for Tiger Pistol in English and in Spanish.

Coming Soon: The Power of The Pixel by Chris Mayer.

Facebook Marketing pioneer joins Tiger Pistol

In 2011, when Facebook had only 200 million mobile users and no mobile advertising revenue, they acquired a hyper-local mobile advertising start up, Rel8tion, a company Scott co-founded. Fast forward seven years, and in its latest quarterly results Facebook revealed that mobile advertising revenue made up more than 90% of its nearly $12b revenue. What a difference a few years makes.

On his amazing ride contributing to Facebook’s advertising revenue growth, Scott has been exposed to some of the leading innovators and developers across the social, mobile and local marketing landscape.

Steve Hibberd, CEO & Co-founder of Tiger Pistol: “Scott’s incredible experience over nearly a decade helping to drive Facebook’s growth, together with his passion for driving value for ‘local’ business operators make Scott a perfect fit with Tiger Pistol.”

Scott Hannan, ex-Facebook exec and newly appointed Tiger Pistol Advisory Board member: “Tiger Pistol has proven itself as a best in class technology partner, making up for the absence of customized tools and service that exists across most major platforms, and leveraging APIs to provide a scalable solution.”

Working with many of world’s leading local business service providers and multi location brands, Tiger Pistol has created a bridge for local businesses to march over, toward marketing success. I couldn’t be more excited to help further fuel their growth,” Scott said.

“Small and local businesses undoubtedly drive the economy, not to mention being the largest employers – any politician can tell you that. Most of these folks have limited resources and as the world has moved rapidly to mobile, so many need help with modern marketing tools that can leverage the myriad mobile, social, location aware applications.”

While Tiger Pistol has grown rapidly over the past few years, we’ve only just scratched the surface of the larger opportunity, with social local advertising starting to explode. We already enable many of the world’s largest sellers of Facebook ads to local businesses, and now our technology is increasingly being used by multi-location brands. These brands are consistently seeing their local campaigns driving 30%+ better CPX relative to national spend. Given that fewer than 10% of businesses(1)(2) with a Facebook Business Page are advertising consistently the opportunity for Tiger Pistol is immense.

We have plenty of work to do, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome Scott to the team to help us get there.

(1) Facebook, Inc. (FB) Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results Conference Call February 1 st, 2017 – “65 Million Business Pages”.

(2) Facebook, Inc. (FB) Third Quarter 2017 Results Conference Call November 1st, 2017 – “6 Million Advertisers”.

About Tiger Pistol

With key operations in Melbourne, Australia and Austin, Texas, Tiger Pistol delivers high quality results for local businesses via Facebook advertising products at scale. Today, Tiger Pistol’s technology is leveraged by SMB agencies who manage social ads for their independent local business clients, as well as by regional, national and multi-national multi-location brands. Established in 2011, Tiger Pistol now auto creates, publishes, optimizes and reports on thousands of campaigns every day.



Spotzer, the leading digital marketing solutions provider based in Amsterdam, has announced its partnership with the best-in-class, social ads automation technology company, Tiger Pistol from Austin, Texas.

“We have been working closely with our friends at Tiger Pistol for some time and are truly excited to leverage Tiger Pistol’s API to integrate Tiger Pistol into SpotzerAds. SpotzerAds is best-in-class as a search-marketing platform with fantastic results for our customers.”

– Spotzer CEO, Pete Urmson  

“Our 7-years focused on ‘Social for Local/SMB’ has enabled us to gain a deep understanding of how to leverage Social to deliver value at the local level.”

– Tiger Pistol CEO, Steve Hibberd

By partnering with Tiger Pistol for Social Advertising, Spotzer can offer holistic and even more sophisticated digital marketing solutions. Adding considerable value to SMB customers by helping them to be discovered and generating leads and calls through websites, searches, social media, and display advertising. Through the Spotzer customer journey platform, SMBs will be able to have all of these digital marketing solutions easily executed and with a substantial return on investment.

Spotzer has a strong footprint in Europe, Australia and parts of the U.S. For Tiger Pistol, already present in the U.S. and Australia, the partnership will allow clients in the European marketplace to access their products. SpotzerAds is now positioned as a true leader in omni-channel solutions across Google, BING and Facebook. This, coupled with Spotzer’s leading customer experience platform through websites and SEO solutions, gives Spotzer’s enterprise partners a significant market advantage.

Spotzer CEO, Pete Urmson said, “We have been working closely with our friends at Tiger Pistol for some time and are truly excited to leverage Tiger Pistol’s API to integrate Tiger Pistol into SpotzerAds. SpotzerAds is best-in-class as a search-marketing platform with fantastic results for our customers. Integrating a best-in-class social platform to provide a single entry point for our partners and their customers will add real and meaningful value for our customers”.

He went on to say, “We conducted an extensive search for the right partner to collaborate with, we chose Tiger Pistol. We were incredibly impressed with their world’s best technology, and importantly the natural cultural fit of our teams. This has seen real trust develop that has resulted in a true collaboration and unique product innovation. We are excited at the possibilities.”

Tiger Pistol CEO, Steve Hibberd said, “Our 7-years focused on ‘Social for Local/SMB’ has enabled us to gain a deep understanding of how to leverage Social to deliver value at the local level. Via our close Facebook partnership and continual focused investment in product, we are leading the way in delivering high quality Social Ads at scale, delivering exciting results for the local and SMB marketplace.”

Steve made further comment; “We are excited to be working with Peter and the team at Spotzer, a team we have known for some time. We’ve been impressed by the Spotzer product and service, and we see this partnership supporting our strategy of increasing the accessibility to our solution across the globe”.

About Tiger Pistol

Headquartered in Austin, Texas and with operations in Melbourne, Australia, Tiger Pistol delivers high quality results for local businesses via Facebook, Instagram and Messenger at scale. Tiger Pistol’s technology is leveraged by SMB agencies that manage social media ads for their independent local business clients and additionally by multi location brands. Established in 2011, Tiger Pistol now auto-creates, publishes, optimizes and reports on thousands of campaigns every day.

About Spotzer

Spotzer is headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in Denver, Melbourne, Sofia and Manila. It provides fully integrated, white label solutions for enterprise businesses with large databases of SMB customers who want a digital marketing solution to help their business to grow. It is a global leader in providing technology and marketing services through its websites, Spotzer Ads, SEM platform and power content. Globally, Spotzer builds over 7,500 new digital services every month.

International Media Leader Hamish McLennan Joins Hyperlocal Social Ad Pioneer, Tiger Pistol

Some of you may have read the great news about Hamish McLennan joining Tiger Pistol. The story was published on June 19th in The Australian, but as the article requires a subscription, we thought we’d give you the skinny on our blog.

McLennan has a long and prestigious career in the global advertising and media space, including as Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman at News Corp and global Chairman & CEO of Young and Rubicam (Y&R), which is part of WPP, the world’s’ largest communications services group. Currently, he is Chairman and non-executive Director of REA Group Limited, a multinational digital advertising company that specializes in property and is listed on the ASX. He is also a Director of the leading ASX listed funds management company, Magellan Financial Group. Prior to REA and Magellan, and the aforementioned roles at News Corp and Y&R, he was Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ten Network Holdings. He joined Y&R in 2002 as Chairman and CEO of Y&R Brands Australia/New Zealand, one of the largest marketing services groups in Australia, and led the firm’s global business operations from 2006. He has previously served on the Boards of Directors for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the US Ad Council.

Accustomed to being part of large-scale, global media and advertising companies, McLennan decided to join Tiger Pistol because of his long-held interest in tech startups that address immediate needs in the marketplace.

“Tiger Pistol is a great Australian success story. The founders have created a world-class ad tech platform. I can help forge some strategic partnerships, and hopefully do some deals and open some doors,” McLennan said. “From my 30 years in the media and marketing industry, the holy grail has been to deliver hyperlocal communications at scale in an automated fashion. Tiger Pistol can now deliver it.”

McLennan went on to say that Tiger ­Pistol’s proprietary technology platform will help “instil confidence in marketers about the effectiveness of their digital spend.”

Specifically, Tiger Pistol makes it possible to rapidly scale Facebook and Instagram ads run at the local level. Large brands with multiple locations can now more effectively drive business to local stores, while maintaining consistency and control at the brand-level. For digital agencies that provide advertising services to local businesses, they can now quickly add Facebook and Instagram ad products to their digital portfolio and scale immediately and effectively for their customers.

Steve Hibberd, co-founder and CEO of Tiger Pistol said, “We’re delighted to have Hamish join our team. Through his many years in the global media and advertising space, he brings immense knowledge and insight.  His clear belief in what we’re doing is a resounding endorsement and he is already having a positive impact.

Insider Info from Facebook’s Partner Bootcamp and F8 Conferences

A couple of weeks ago, three of us from Tiger Pistol’s Client Management & Operations teams attended the Facebook Marketing Partner Bootcamp, and two of our engineers attended F8. Both events were fantastic, and there are some really exciting product enhancements and updates that we’re looking forward to leveraging to further enable our clients to drive success with Facebook ads at scale.

Facebook is Still the Clear Winner in the Social Space

Sure, there are those who say, “What about Snapchat? And Twitter?” I’m not discounting them as irrelevant. However, when it comes to social dominance, there’s no question that Facebook and Instagram have it, and even more evidence to that effect came out today in this article by VentureBeat.  At the conference, they reiterated their user-base numbers, which never cease to amaze:

  • Facebook – 1.9B active users each month (209M in US). 1.2B on mobile each day (151M in US).
  • Instagram – 700M monthly active users (108M in US)
  • Messenger – 1.2B+ active users
  • Whatsapp – 1.2B+ active users

Instagram is Making it’s Mark

While there is, of course, plenty of overlap between users of Facebook and Instagram, Instagram is attracting users who want a more visual and mobile-centric platform. What’s even more amazing is that ads on Instagram – perhaps because they tend to put a lot of focus on imagery – perform incredibly well. Just check out Instagram’s jaw-dropping stats, including the one that notes that 80% of all Instagram users follow a business:

  • 400M daily active users
  • 80% beyond the US
  • 1M active advertisers
  • 200M+ users using stories
  • 8M businesses
  • 80% of users follow a business
  • 60% of users learn about a product and 75% of them take an action

Placement is Key

If the previous insight about Instagram wasn’t convincing enough for you, this ought to do it. Ad placement on Facebook & Instagram together has seen:

  • 15% increase in brand awareness
  • 6% increase in video views
  • 28% increase in post engagement

The Rise of Mobile Brings a Content Deluge and the Need to Outsmart the Horde

We already know that 3 hours a day are spent consuming content on mobile, and that mobile is absolutely part of the purchase decision – in fact, 88.5% of digital shoppers are mobile shoppers, and ⅓ of all US retail sales are influenced by mobile.

But with the rise of mobile and social networks, we’ve also seen the rise of content creation and distribution. The pace of content creation is literally surpassing our ability to consume, and attention really has become a scarce resource.

What does this mean for businesses? Now more than ever, advertisers need to spend their marketing dollars wisely – and should  be spending where they can target real people who are likely to be interested in their products or services.

Easier Offer Redemption

Facebook has listened to feedback from advertisers and consumers alike, and identified where they could enhance the Offers product to drive better business outcomes that are trackable. They’ve also made it easier for consumers to claim and redeem offers easily without having to download a coupon, print an email or remember a unique code. The Offers product can now be configured to drive online and offline redemption, each enabling two separate user flows. Plus, users can easily sort through offers they’ve claimed via the new Offers Tab (similar to Marketplace and Events). Users will be organically reminded about Offers they’ve claimed, making it even easier for advertisers to drive success without a hefty price-tag.

Lead Generation Improvements in Trackability

Did you know that it takes approximately 38.5% longer to fill out a form on mobile than on desktop? This is usually because businesses aren’t optimizing web forms for mobile. Optimizing forms for mobile is critical to driving form submissions, and Facebook is absolutely in tune with this. Enhancements include improved trackability, such as leveraging the Facebook Pixel and Offline Conversions API to not only inform advertisers of ad performance, but also provide valuable data back to Facebook to further enhance ad targeting.

Other Products & Enhancements

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner has so many benefits, one of which is early access to information about new products and the enhancement of existing products before they go public. As Facebook says, they’re only 1% done, and their roadmap is looking stronger than ever. While we can’t actually share what’s on Facebook’s roadmap (sorry, we’re under NDA!), what we can tell you is:

  • They are continuing to invest in their targeting and optimization tactics, including updates to Custom/Lookalike Audiences
  • They’re committed to allowing advertisers to realize true return on ad spend, and are doing things in the attribution space to support this
  • There are three new ad products on Facebook & Instagram that are not only genius, but are already being tested in beta and are driving great results
  • Bots will enhance the way we message with each other, and how advertiser’s connect with consumers
  • They’re committed to leading the way in virtual reality, with a focus on products that continue to connect the world

Watch for more insights from the world of Facebook right here on the Tiger Pistol blog!

Sources: All data in this post not otherwise referenced came directly from Facebook Partner Bootcamp and F8.